Shah Rukh Khan‘s family pictures always manage to break the internet. Remember the recent photoshoot done by Avinash Gowarikar? Although the shoot mainly took place for Gauri Khan, it was a delight to see the entire family come together for the photoshoot.

The entire family was a part of the shoot and you can tell how phenomenal the result of the same were. But guess what, once again, the family has come together for a magazine photoshoot that focuses on Gauri and how she is the First Lady of Bollywood. Well, we can totally relate to it because she definitely is.

We know pretty well how Gauri has interior designing as her full time job along with handling the production house, Red Chillies Entertainment which is jointly owned with Shah Rukh. We’ll divulge more on that later. For now, let’s focus on just how brilliant this portrait image is of the family.


The men and women of the family look so elegant and dapper that we automatically feel like bowing down. Just look at the Khan boys all suited up. They definitely look their handsome best. Oh and notice, Shah Rukh and Aryan have a very similar way of posing for the camera.

Okay, Khan’s eldest son doesn’t like flashing a smile but if you keep it aside, the sitting posture, the suit, the attitude, they’re all alike! Even little AbRam is getting there to learn the swag of his father and brother. On the other hand, the ladies being Gauri and Suhana, look radiant.

They sure have similar way of smiling, don’t you think? Their daughter is definitely growing into a fine looking lady, no doubt there!

We just decoded the complete cover but we cannot wait to see the inside pics of the magazine. You see, with Gauri’s successful stint as an interior designer, she is being interviewed and featured by She Canada. In case you didn’t know, Gauri has also decorated Ranbir Kapoor’s new bachelorpad in Bandra.

This pic just takes us back to the last time the entire family came together for a photoshoot. Gowarikar had exclusively even told us how he had shot with the family before and how he thinks their chemistry is fantastic! I’ve shot their family pictures before also. But AbRam was not born then.

Those pictures are put up in Mannat. The chemistry that they all share together is superb!” said the ace photographer.

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Family portrait of Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan, AbRam Khan that's is going to break the internet soon!
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