Singer Britney Spears’ fans have slammed TV network Lifetime for the unrealistic portrayals of the pop star as well as the blatant inaccuracies featured in her TV biopic Britney Ever After.

The film was aired on the channel on Saturday night. It doesn’t feature any of Spears’ songs since the star didn’t give her blessings to the biopic, reports Natasha Bassett, who portrays Spears in the movie, also arguably looks nothing like her.

The biopic focuses mostly on Spears’ infamous meltdown in 2000 rather than highlighting the fame at the beginning of her career, or her post-breakdown success. Fans have slammed the TV movie saying that it includes several scenes whose credibility is in question, including the scene of an alleged dance-off between Spears and her former partner Justin Timberlake.


Spears’ classic pink wig is shockingly transposed blue in the film. The movie further angers fans by turning her infamous denim dress at the 2002 American Music Awards into a pantsuit.


“Britney wore a denim dress, not a denim pantsuit. I can’t take this historical inaccuracy,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another fan expressed her disappointment with the movie and wrote: “As a huge Britney Spears fan from way back in the day, this lifetime movie is making me cringe to the max. I’m offended by her.” Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar joined the bandwagon and tweeted: “Who lit this movie ‘Britney Ever After’ and why does he hate women?”

Most Controversial Britney Spears Moments:

Britney Spears Gets Eloped In Vegas


In 2004, Brit Brit was “not a girl, not yet a woman” and perpetually pressured by her handlers and paparazzi. As an act of rebellion, Spears eloped Jason Alexander in Vegas.

55 hours later, Britney’s mom came to the rescue and made sure the marriage was annulled. Alexander got a book deal from his wild Vegas weekend with Spears and Spears, well, she put down a firm foundation for rapid building in Crazytown.

Britney Spears Attacks Paparazzi With Umbrella

After Brit went bald, a veritable “Circus” of paparazzi couldn’t stop snapping her pic and sending her into a more deranged stage. What does one do to the people who make you famous from your eccentricities? You viciously attack them with an umbrella, of course. That’s just common sense.

Britney Spears Runs Over A Photographer

Spears had a habit of running into things, but this time she decided to run over a photographer’s foot. Considering the paparazzi are constantly stalking, it was an accident that would eventually happen. This photographer’s nearly-broken foot was just the first one to “Break The Ice.”

Britney Spears Claims She Is The Anti-Christ

Spears had a few stints in rehab, but the most scandalous story was when she was in the infamous Promises, tried to hang herself, and went around screaming, “I’m the AntiChrist. I’m fake. I’m fake!”

There are a lot of different theories about what was going on with Spears from post-pregnancy hormones to chemical addiction, but regardless of what it was, she definitely had something “Toxic” in her system.

Britney Spears Marries K-Fed

From the custody battles to the alimony to the crazy things they did together, Spears must have been saying to herself “Oops, I Did It Again” when she married Kevin Federline after her 3-day attempt at marriage with Jason Alexander.

Britney Makes Out With Madonna


If you haven’t seen Britney Spears’ infamous kiss with Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards then you missed out on a extremely contrived lesbian moment in musical history. What the world often forgets is that Madonna kissed Christina Aguilera as well, but Spears was coming onto Madonna strong–sending out strong hints that she’d ask Madonna, “Would you hold it against me?” in an instant.

Britney Goes Bald


Brit Brit going bald was probably the biggest turning point for her in terms of how the world viewed her. She was already going a little nutso, but she was still the pretty, girlie Britney with the luscious blond tresses. When she spontaneously decided to get a chop and buzz, the world got the message: This girl was in pain and tired of being the media’s pretty puppet. Essentially she was saying, “World, ‘You Drive Me Crazy.”

Maybe she subconsciously wanted us to see the “ugly,” “human” side of her. Maybe she was just tired of her hair being endlessly styled.

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Fans SLAM makers of Britney Spears’ biopic for the blatant inaccuracies
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