Whether you love power yoga classes or Zumba nights with your girlies or you just plainly enjoy how badass it feels to lift those weights with makeup intact – in either scenario sweating with the wrong mascara on can be a big disaster.

We don’t vouch for everyone, but on an average 90% people swear profusely during a workout session, and we can tell you for sure that perspiration and foundation just don’t get along. AT ALL. And, thus it’s really important to find out what kind of makeup you can wear to the gym when it comes to your fitness routine.

It’s not just the mascara that can go wrong, most forms of concealer just do not mix with almost all forms of cardio. Imagine all those open pores and what kind of acne are you giving an invitation to:

And while wearing makeup to the gym is anything but ideal, it dosen’t hurt to break a few rules here and there just enough to look cover any spots that showed up over the night. Be it any amount of burpees or hardcore ab circuits we bring to you tips on exactly what kind of makeup to wear and for your next workout. They’ll withstand your sweatiest of HIIT circuits, we pinky promise.

1. Right Concealer:

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Let’s not aim for the flawless, airbrushed skin for the gym, and keep our focus on covering only parts of your face that really need it. Cover your pimples, the under eyes or any hyper-pigmentation on the skin that might need concealing. Instead of using foundation which might feel heavy and cakey during the workouts opt for a lightweight form which will make your skin feel airy and rejuvenated.

2. Tinted Moisturiser:

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Opt for any tinted moisturizer which is is oil-free to avoid sweat and dirt getting clogged in your pores. Most of them are heat, humidity, and sweat-resistant, so these an basically handle anything that comes their way and also stay on all day long.

3. Mineral Powder:

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It’s a very important thing that you apply mineral powder after the concealer or tinted moisturizer, as sweating often causes it to run a bit. This powder will help to set the look and keep it all in place. So you might opt to lightly dab it on over any liquid-based makeup.


4. Wear waterproof mascara:

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Mascara can honestly feel like the devil in disguise when it comes to sweating it off in your workout. We are pretty sure most of you tried to make your lashes look long and luscious at the gym, ended up looking like a raccoon’s uglier identical twin instead. Mascara isn’t really necessary when working out, but if you are really going for it, opt for a waterproof version. But we would advice to not wear it quite often as waterproof mascara can damage your lashes.

5. Tinted Lips:

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We would be lying if we say that the lip color would stay in place, We mean it’s pretty inevitable that your lip color is going to smudge at least a little during your sweat session. But you can always opt for a super staying power lip color which is light on the lips and won’t look like you’ve applied heavy makeup. And while you probably won’t need any blush since the skin on your cheeks naturally becomes flushed during a workout, you can dab it on afterward if you are running errands or meeting a friend for coffee, to give your cheeks some color once the natural flush dies down.

6. Brows On Fleek:

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Brows are having a moment and you don’t wanna ignore them at all if you are thinking of putting makeup anyway. Opt for a product which will hold every hair in place stays all along the workout.

7. Use a setting spray:

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And at the end, if you really want to be sure your makeup stays put all the way through the gym or class and meet someone straight after the workout too, opt for a setting spray to set it. Just remember to opt for a oil free one.