Former DreamWorks animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg opened up US Election.


“As this ultimate national pastime continues, I just want to make sure that, whatever path President-elect Trump chooses; the way of Candidate Trump will not be our way.

The Founding Fathers provided tools to combat the demagogues they knew might come along. We merely need to steadfastly take advantage of these tools, by making our 61 million-plus voices forcefully heard in the Congress, in the Senate, in the courts and peacefully on the streets.

No one should be more motivated to utilize these tools than we who work in the creative industries that stretch from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and beyond.

Ours is a community that prizes openness, respect and tolerance. The basis of our industries is freedom of expression. We must make clear to President-elect Trump that it is vitally important he support these values.”

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Former DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg opened up US Election
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