Govinda says the film industry has big camps and feels it was a wrong move on his part to not get into any. The 53-year-old actor had a successful career in the 90s but it slowed down after he joined politics in mid-2000s. Though he made a comeback of sorts with Partner, his recent outings like “Happy Ending” and “Kill Dill” couldn’t do wonders at the box office.Govinda says the backing of a particular camp boosts an actor’s career, which he realised much later. “There are massive camps in Bollywood. I never belonged to any camps but I think it was a wrong move. I should have had. It affects your career. It’s one big family,” Govinda told PTI. “In that one family, if you create harmony and build good relations, it works. If you are a part of it, if you are blessed, you will do very well.” The actor says during his low phase, people made his journey more difficult and that is when he looked up to megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who had battled his away through financial difficulties.


“I have struggled a lot, let me tell you, it is not so easy. When I was struggling, people didn’t make my way easy. I heard and saw what had happened to Bachchan sir, but didn’t know it will happen with me. He could do it, come out of it, that was inspiring.” Govinda says his financial struggle was “daunting” and he found immense difficulty in even getting his films made. “It (financial struggle) is tiring. It is daunting, people misbehave, they don’t write (movies) for you properly, some even ask for money again and again, saying they get paid better writing for TV.”
“Industry was always money-oriented but now it has become very costly. It is very tough for an actor to make a film and release.”

Govinda’s latest film “Aa Gaya Hero” has again been pushed and will now hit the screens on March 17. He has also produced and written the film. When asked about working with frequent collaborators, like filmmaker David Dhawan and actor-friend Salman Khan, he says, “Friends in the industry cannot do much. They have to do hard work for their own business, look after their own work. Friends only can be friends, not God. So, you have to do things on your own.”

Govinda is confident people will like the film as it is an ode to the era of 90s and dismissed theories that the audience may not be interested in watching such cinema today. “People are trying to bring back the 90s with better, new look. But they are not getting that kind of songs, that mad energy. Entertaining cinema, like that of 90s, does good business. People watch it more. But to say that kind of cinema won’t work today is fake. It is a created fear.”

Why Govinda “Broke-Up” with Rani Mukherjee?

Govinda was a STAR. Money and fame were stable in his career until love entered in his life in the form of his pretty co-star Rani Mukherjee. Chi-Chi was married man with two children and this closeness is definitely one of the most “famous” extra-marital affairs of B-town. The couple’s chemistry was awesome on-screen and soon they even started exchanging costly gifts. According to sources, Govinda, being the mega-star at that time even started recommending the newbie Rani for movies. But it was Govinda’s angry wife Sunita, who destroyed the picture and the affair came to an abrupt end.

The beginning

Govinda family

During 90’s, Govinda was flying high with fame, success, money and family life. As a superstar, he has various offers to work on courtesy, his incredible starry presence and perfect comic timing. On the other hand, Rani Mukherjee was quite new in the tinsel town and was looking for opportunities to fetch a name for herself. This was the time when she and Govinda met during the shoot of Hadd Kardi Aapne!


Rani was quite attracted towards Govinda’s easy-going nature, humbleness and ability to make everybody laugh. They started spending quality time together during their shoot in USA and Switzerland. However, the unit had no clue that their on-screen affair has translated into reality.

The Love Story

Once the movie was done, Rani and Govinda’s brewing love affair was all over the buzz. They were frequently spotted together and the ever-magnanimous Govinda did everything to help Rani establish her career in B-town. He went out of his way and used his influence in Bollywood to recommend her name to all producers and director.According to sources, after Had Kar Di Apne, they were unable to stay apart.

Rani Mukherji- Govinda Pic 2

Their affair was quite evident, but both of them never came out in the open. According to the actress,

The press has always assumed that any heroine who works with Govinda in three or four films is having an affair with him. I am not the first one to be linked with him. Neelam, Farah, Karisma, Raveena, Preity…and I don’t know how many more have been linked with him. I know just one thing, that’s it’s difficult to find a nice friend, a humdard like Govinda.

When they were caught Red-handed…

Govinda’s better half Sunita had no clue that her husband is having a soft corner for a Bollywood actress. Since public meetings were impossible for the couple, sources claim that they used to spend some time at Rani’s flat in Versova. Once, a journalist even spotted Govinda emerging from Rani’s room in a night dress.


The End

As per rumours, Rani’s parents knew about their alleged love-affair but they were not ready for the relationship. It was also suggested that Govinda gifted her top-notch car, diamonds and a luxurious flat on her demands!


Later on, Govinda’s wife Sunita put her foot down and moved out. Govinda was not ready to compromise with her marital relationship and ended his alleged affair with Rani. Although they never validated the relationship, Rani once mentioned that they have maintained some distance due to Sunita.

A New Lease of Their Relationship

Rani is now happily married with Aditya Chopra and Govinda is busy with his acting-political career. He has experienced a new lease in his career thanks to her former co-star Rani Mukherjee.


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