It’s been a while since Suhana Khan’s play’s video surfaced, in which she almost brought her character to life. He performance came off so stunning, that some assumed that she was getting ready to follow her father SRK, in Bollywood.

However, Shah Rukh Khan has time and again stressed that he wanted his children to finish their education before pursuing a career in films. Although it seems like Suhana has already started taking acting lessons from filmmaker Karan Johar.

Suhana was spotted at Karan Johar’s office recently and there were professional hair stylists and a make-up person with her. She was styled by a top stylist and shot by an ace photographer.

Karan Johar always maintained that whenever Aryan and Suhana Khan are launched, he would be a big part of their Bollywood debuts.

About Aryan’s debut, KJo had said earlier, “Aryan is my godchild. Currently, he is in Los Angeles and he has four years of university ahead of him. When he comes back, he is going to decide if he wants to be in the movies. And if he does, of course, I will be a big part of it as a director or just as a guiding support. For me, Aryan being launched is like my son being launched. I will be this hyper relative breathing down his neck.”

So far there has been no word on whether Karan Johar will be behind Suhana’s debut, but rumour has it that he will be involved in a big way. According to a source, “She was confident in front of the cameras and behaved like a proper young lady, and not the gawky teenager that she was.”

Last year, Shah Rukh said about his kids’ Bollywood debuts, “I am a big believer in education, so they have to finish studying first. My son will graduate. He has finished his 12th and he will have four years of college. My daughter is in school, she has two years of school and four years of college. The minimum requirement is to graduate.”

“If they want to act, I would be very proud as it’s my line of work and we will have something to chat about. When I came here, I got into theatre, did television and then I got into films. I have strangely studied for 10 years before becoming a film star,” SRK said last year.

Shah Rukh told elaborated later that he needed Suhana to be at least a graduate before stepping into Bollywood, “You need to be minimal qualification of a graduate before you even think of coming and learning any way. Go out, do some theatre, finish your schooling, finish your college, then study for a couple of years about acting. If she gets into the field that I already am in, somewhere, even without wanting, even though I would like to avoid it, the life lessons will permeate on to her through me. And I’ve already done it. Why would you want to learn from something that has been seen, I’ve been there, done that; find something new, go beyond. I’m not saying go beyond me and learn and come back and all only, I don’t think she needs this kind of a shadow over her. So go out. (sic)”

If papa SRK is to be believed, there is still some more time to go before we see Suhana and Aryan Khan sizzle and dazzle on the silver screen. Till then let’s wait and watch!