We as fans crush on, a little too strongly than required, every time Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan unite for a project. We understand none of us can truly help it. Such is the enigma of the two stars that is of maximum importance that we reciprocate with all the gushing that is there in the world. But SRK feels that fans tend to “overreact” every time he reunites with Salman.

While talking to a news daily SRK was at his witty best. While talking about coming back with Salman onscreen, he took a reference to his hit film Karan Arjun. He said, “I think now people overreact to Karan-Arjun coming back. We have come back so often. Sometimes, I feel how many times will Karan-Arjun keep coming back? By now, even Rakhee ji would have felt bad that Karan and Arjun are coming back so many times; itna bhi nahi bulaya tha maine (I didn’t call them so many times) (laughs). I find it odd. In a certain sense, there’s a sense of seniority (between us), not in terms of age, but the positioning when we came here (industry). I was new for four years, while he had been working. We both are hot headed; all of us are. We all have our own issues and they will stem up from time to time. Till next time when we have a public fight, it’s good (laughs).”


Also, if you did not know Shah Rukh Khan is all set to do a cameo in Salman Khan’s Tubelight. We were the first one to bring the news to you. Speaking to DNA, the SRK said, “Yes, I am doing a special role in the film. Salman’s a dear friend and I have known Kabir since his college days. So I’m doing it out of love for them.”

Shah Rukh further added how he will always be grateful to Salman’s family. ” Salman’s family was beautiful to me when I came here.” Aren’t we all grateful to people who help us when we move to a new city? “I was new,” SRK further says, “I considered Chunky Pandey’s and Salman’s family as my own and I always will. There will always be respectability towards Chunky, Salman’s and even Juhi’s respective families. I was new, so in a way they adopted me. I would stay in their houses and eat there. I could even leave my friends and my wife there; I was so confident.”

Shah Rukh Khan even remembered in this interview that when he and Salman had a fallout their families stayed in touch. He said Salman’s father Salim used to come to his house and they used to chat. He even added that Gauri and Salman’s sister used to hang out.

Well, with a friendship like that, sorry but we are going to overreact, SRK!

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Here is what Shah Rukh Khan has to say about his friendship with Salman Khan
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