Bollywood’s Greek GodHrithik Roshan‘s life has been a roller coaster life, but like a true fighter, he has overcome all the odds. There are times when we wonder exactly how he manages to have so much positivity around and but a calm face during any crisis life throws at him, then we remember agh he’s our Indian superhero – Krish!

And superheroes are always cool and from the looks of it he’s one of the coolest dad’s Bollywood has seen.

1.He took his kids for an Ice Cave adventure:

Recently he took to Instagram to share a video of an Ice Cave adventure he took with his munchkins Hrehaan and Hridhaan Roshan and they are quite literally breathtaking. And like always he has a very cheeky hashtag saying “Ice caves Are Magic” and “Its As Cool As I Made It Sound”. 

He captioned it, “140 feet below the snow clad slopes of Whistler Mountain, 3 intrepid explorers set out to explore a world unlike any they’ve ever witnessed. Here’s their tale.

2.He took his sons for adventure sports trip:

3.His sporting enough to know his kids plan to outsmart him a lot (although they can’t).

Why? Look at the conversation they are having after breaking their dad’s Go-pro:

Ridz: Is it supposed to do that?
Ray: No dude, you broke it.
Ridz: Should we tell dad?
Ray: No way. We need to hide this.
Ridz: He’s going to see!
Ray: Nah, we’ll go tell him we are hungry.
Ridz: But he’s going to see!
Ray: Arey we’ll talk about food. He’s not going to see anything else.

4.He’s always up for heroic stuff: 


5. And like any parent he’s too freaked out with his sons and tries to calm himself: 

6.He’s a bully:

7. He just gave us a how to make a snowman tutorial:

8.He’s always on the top of his style game:

Well, Hrithik we definitely a think you are Daddy cool.