Deepika Padukone has very bravely and frankly has been upfront about battling depression in the past. However, it is a little unnerving that the actress admitting to being still fighting the psychological disease.

The 31-year old actress recently spoke about the stigma surrounding mental illness at the India Economic Summit which was held in New Delhi. At the event she said,

“I don’t think I can say that I’m completely over it (depression). There is always a fear at the back of my mind that I might have a relapse because it has been such a bad experience for me.”

She was questioned if being so upfront about having suffered from depression had ever cost her a movie. She said,

“Maybe there are people who haven’t offered me films because they think I was depressed and I can’t act. Maybe, I don’t know. I’m in a good space because I can choose the movies that I want to act in, but I don’t think everyone has that luxury of where they want to work or when they want to work,”

Deepika Padukone, Founder, The Live Love Laugh Foundation, India speaks at the India Economic Summit 2017 in New Delhi on Thursday.

She is of the opinion that the best way to deal with the very stigma attached with this particular mental illness would be to include it as a part of the curriculum in schools.

“A large part of the stigma comes from the fact that we (just) talk about physical education in schools. I had physical education in my school, but we didn’t have anything to talk about mental health. It’s not a part of the curriculum. If we included that in the curriculum and introduced the idea or the importance of mental health at the school level, there will be no stigma,”

she said.

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The Padmavati actress has founded ‘The Live Love Laugh’ foundation for people who are battling depression.

Further talking about the illness, Deepika is of the opinion that policymakers and people at workplaces are still yet to understand, recognise and normalise depession so that those suffering from it could confide and speak about it more openly without any fear of losing their jobs. Recounting her decision of speaking about the illness in public, she said that she didn’t think about the repercussions at that time.


“The idea really was to change the way people in India and the world see mental illness,” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, on the upcoming movies front, Deepika is awaiting the release of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial Padmavati. She has even recently shot for a cameo in the Anand L Rai directorial which has Shah Rukh Khan playing a dwarf. She will also be seen in a Vishal Bhardwaj’s venture on the Mafia Queen, Sapna Didi alongside Irrfan Khan.