Ever since Imtiaz Ali announced that he was teaming up with Shah Rukh Khan, we have been struggling to contain our excitement. The King of Romance joining hands with one of the most accomplished story-tellers of our time is a treat for fans. The film, titled The Ring sees Shah Rukh Khan in the role of a Casanova tourist guide in Europe. The actors have shot in Europe in places like Prague and Budapest. King Khan has conveyed his excitement for the film on many occasions and we are struggling to stay patient.

Imtiaz Ali shared a snap from the shoot on his Instagram account. The filmmaker is new on social media but did manage to thrill us with this picture of Shah Rukh Khan in a turban. The actor goes click click holding a small camera. SRK is dressed in the regular black tee and trousers. We cannot see much of his face but this is clear hint of what we can expect. The character’s name as per portals is Harinder Singh Nehra. He will be the smooth-talking man who knows how to charm the ladies. We have never seen SRK in the character of a Casanova (except a bit like in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) and this promises to be a great experience.


Shah Rukh spoke about his character during the promotions of Raees. He said, “Maybe in Imtiaz’s film it (romance) might be there because I am playing kind of my age, 40s, the lady, of course, Anushka is younger than me. There I’d do this formality because he (the character) belongs to that world… but the language is very Imtiaz. He is very modern thinking and has a different take on romance.”


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The film will be released on August 11 and this was announced by none other than superstar Salman Khan. Shah Rukh Khan looked immensely hot in the white shirt in the first poster of the film. It is supposed to be a contemporary tale of love. Earlier, it was titled Rehnuma but now the title is The Ring. Imtiaz Ali’s film will also see him reuniting with his dad from Kabhi Haan Kabhie Naa and Wagle Ki Duniya co-star Aanjjan Srivastav. However, the best thing is that it is a film that talks about love and when it comes to romance, there is no one close to Shah Rukh.

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Imtiaz Ali shares a picture of Shah Rukh Khan in a turban and we can't be more excited about it!
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