Dunno about Sonam Kapoor being finalised for Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘dwarf’ film with Aanand L Rai but the actress definitely seems to be way too starstruck by the King Khan right now. One look at the above picture and you will know what we are trying to say. So Sonam and SRK coincidentally happened to land on the same flight last night and what better than treasuring the moment with a picture? As soon as Sonam realised she’s going to travel with SRK, she couldn’t contain her excitement and got him on her Insta story saying, “Look who’s on flight with me” Haha! Love Sonam’s expression in this pic – doesn’t it sum up her joy on meeting Shah Rukh?

More recently, Sonam and Shah Rukh were also seen bonding on Twitter which further made many wonder if it’s a sign she’s got on board for Aanand L Rai’s film. However, Sonam in an interview to Filmfare cried upset saying, ‘I don’t think Shah Rukh wants to work with me. There have been so many opportunities where I could have worked with him but he’I wanted to work with him and I reached out to him as well. But I never got the opportunity. I guess it’ll happen whenever he feels like working with me.’


Nevertheless, now that Sonam got to meet Shah Rukh for quite a few hours on the flight last night, what if she discussed the film with him? What if she directly approached SRK to cast her in the dwarf film? In fact, considering Sonam is also Aanand L Rai’s favourite, you never know if she played that card to convince Shah Rukh that she’s the right choice for the film.

Reminds us of a source who had speculated quite a few things about the same saying, “Sonam is Aanand L Rai’s favourite actress and he wanted to cast her in his next, where Khan plays a dwarf. Katrina has already been signed for one role in the film, and another actress is yet to be cast. It is learnt that she even messaged SRK. Sonam feels pretty deflated that he doesn’t share her excitement about working together. Now, the actress has given up the idea of working with Shah Rukh with grace and feels if he wants to work with her, he will.”

Let’s see if this ‘onboard meeting’ turned fruitful for Sonam. Probably, an official announcement will clear the air? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Is this a sign that Shah Rukh Khan and Sonam Kapoor are finally coming together for Aanand L Rai's dwarf film?
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