Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra seem to be playing hide and seek from each other lately. If one is present at an event, the other person swiftly ditches going to the same event. It has become pretty evident now that there may have been a fallout between these two “students” of Karan Johar. So at the success bash of Badrinath Ki Dulhania, while Varun’s rumoured girlfriend Natasha was present, Sid decided to skip the event. As we went through all pics from the BKD screening, we noticed that he was nowhere to be found. We know for a fact that he is in town and wasn’t present at any other event that happened last night as well. Which concludes that the actor had skipped the party.

The reason why we’re a little puzzled about whether Varun is to be blamed is because, at the last minute, he skipped Alia Bhatt’s birthday party! The diva celebrated her 24th birthday a day ago and obviously, Sid was a part of it, but Varun gave it a miss. Once again, he was in town when the bash was held. This made us realise that the two boys have been trying to avoid each other for quite sometime now. While Sid was absent for the party, Varun’s girlfriend Natasha was there at the bash, in an all black ensemble. Turns out the actor and his bae had actually returned from their two-day vacation yesterday itself.


There have been rumours doing the rounds that all’s not well between Varun and Sidharth. The reason reports state that boyfriend Sid is not happy with the closeness Alia shares with good friend Varun and has therefore distanced himself. Although initially we didn’t believe it but instances are now making us wonder if there could be any truth to this rumour. Have Varun and Sid really drifted apart? That would be sad! We’ve seen these two bros from SOTY give us immense brotherhood goals. But if the rumours are true, we’re sure gonna miss them chill together.