Jumping in ice cold water is already as scary as it sounds but in November, that too in Canada, god bless Jason Sudeikis’ soul! The actor, as a part of his role was supposed to jump into ice cold water. But here’s the twist, the water was supposed to be pre-heated so that he doesn’t get frostbite. However, it wasn’t pre-heated! Yeah, you heard that right. Leaving no stone unturned for Nacho Vigalondo’s directed sci-fi comedy, the tough-man Jason took up the challenge and jumped into the ice-cold water to complete the scene. “I’m glad we didn’t have to do a second take, but I will always remember it. It was also the ride before the ride because it wasn’t horrible. But it was cold. My stunt double just happened – to be my stand-in – happened to be a polar bear swimmer. So he was like “no, it’s no problem.” Because I was like, “what’s going to happen to my body?” I think it was 40 degree water,” says Jason to an international portal in a recent interview.

Adding to that, Anne Hathaway commented, “Jason gets the tough guy actor award on this movie, because for reasons that were out of anybody’s control we had to shoot that pool sequence deep into Canadian November. And the pool was unheated. Definitely, a most memorable day in your life, that you’re trying to forget.” Damn, actors really go to the extreme lengths to ensure that they make the scene look real.

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Sudeikis seems to have impressed his co-star Anne, who gave him “the tough guy actor award” on sets Colossal for shooting a chilly sequence in freezing cold water which was supposed to be pre-heated. The scene was shot in the month of November at Langley, Canada. The film is slated to release in India on April 7, that is tomorrow. With a Godzilla-like theme of the film, here’s a colossal twist to the film as the monster is within the lead protagonist, Anne Hathaway! It sure is going to be a crazy ride so you folks make sure you don’t miss this. Stay tuned to this space for the review of the film. Also, we’re holding a contest so don’t miss free tickets! Answer the questions and win couple passes for the film.