Ever since Ezra Miller got roped in to play the role of Flash in the Justice League movie, people have had issues with the casting. However, here he is, standing tall in a red armour suit, ready to join the league. The third teaser of the upcoming DCEU movie has surfaced on social media and everybody is losing their shit. It started last night with Aquaman’s being the first teaser to be out. Soon, Batman and Flash followed. There’s a spark about Ezra as Flash as he wears on the red armour suit. A lot of people have showcased their displeasure over the suit and some have even found resemblance to Power Ranger’s red ranger! Ah well, haters gonna hate is all we can say as this teaser is fiesty and electrifying! Unlike the TV series of Flash, this one has more spunk, atleast that’s what we can tell from the teaser.

Snyder has once again let visuals be the boss of the film by creating such a fine looking teaser for Flash. The lightning bolts cracking up the minute Barry Allen aka Flash takes centrestage is topnotch. Fans are going berserk over the visuals and so are we. The part with Allen turning into Flash and escaping the screen in a “flash of second has made us more excited for the film! Excited, are we? Hell yeah! While we’ve seen the series adaptation of Flash, having him play his part in the movie gives us a totally different kind of high.

Of course, there have been way too many comparisons starting from Ezra Miller vs Grant Gustin to Marvel’s Quiksilver! Oh yes, all that has been happening on social media. But minus their views on the poster and costume of Flash, everybody is trippin’ balls over the latest teaser. Earlier, Aquaman and Batman’s teasers were released and in all honesty, Aquaman will finally be free from being typecast as the worst of DC heroes! Whatever we’ve been hearing, reading and seeing about him is going to take a 360 degrees turn. But we can focus on that later. Right now we’re gonna gush over Ezra as Flash. Unlike the seriousness that his character has showcased in the series, looks like the humorous Barry Allen will be making a comeback after all!

So folks, how excited are you for the reunion of parademons this November? Tell us in the comments box below. The trailer will be out on March 26 i..e Sunday.