The Justice League superheroes (minus Wonder Woman) were present at Cinemacon held in Vegas, where they left the audience wanting for more, courtesy snippets from the movie. A lot of filmmakers have come and screened their upcoming projects, to create a wave of excitement. And well, it has worked! Already with the buzz about Justice League escalated when they released the trailer on Sunday. However, to make things more exciting, the makers released a few footages of making and more from the film. You can imagine how the audience went bonkers. Even the otherwise missing Superman aka Henry Cavill was present at the event. Oh yes, that only means one thing, he’s definitely a part of the film!

Anyway, as a lot of journalists and media professionals are also allowed to be a part of the event, they presented some footages from their film. Needless to say, the reactions they’ve received are extremely positive. Apart from that, snippets from Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s movies were also showcased and they have also been lauded. Word on the street (by that we mean Hollywood) is that DCU has finally found its track. Looks like the Marvel DC war is going to be one epic ride as fans will be talking about it. Anyway, check out the Twitter reactions of West media and what they think of the upcoming superhero flick

The promo has been visually stunning and well, that’s something to expect from Zack Snyder. The trailer gave us the first look at Darkside, if you remember they were teased in the dystopian dream sequence of BvS. The trailer also featured Commissioner James Gordon but Superman was still missing. Looks like just how Game of Thrones makers kept it a big secret about Jon Snow’s death, DCU might be doing the same. Plus, in the trailer, we did see Amy Adams as Lois Lane so it’s pretty obvious that the man of steel will definitely be making a bang on entry.

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