As Kajol turns 43, lets reminisce the 90s as we look back on her on-screen characters that made 90s what it was, it wouldn’t have been the same without her contribution. She made her audiences believe in love, friendship and other relationships of life.

When Kajol made her debut with Bekhudi in 1992, she went unobserved by the audience. But it seemed like the actor was on a mission to make her presence felt. Without her, Shah Rukh Khan too wouldn’t have become the King of Romance because in the beginning of both the actors’ careers, most of the films featured them as on-screen lovers.

Their companionship made people believe that the two are real life couples too, until the audience realised that Shah Rukh is married to Gauri Khan. Their friendship is, of course, something that gives you friendship goals and even now they stand up for each other.

As Kajol turns 43, we look back at the actor’s on-screen characters that made 90s beautiful and realistic.


This was the first time when Shah Rukh and Kajol shared the screen space. If Shah Rukh as a murderer made a strong impact in the industry, Kajol as a sister taking revenge for the murder of her own sister (Shilpa Shetty) appeared just about right to the audience.

While the film is an iconic one to watch even now, it was a musical hit as well. ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein’ to ‘Baazigar oh Baazigar’, every song was a chartbuster.


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge:

This film can’t go not mentioned! Popularly known as DDLJ. This was a turning point in Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s life which instantly made them favourites among the audiences. DDLJ portrayed Kajol as Simran, a character who represented the set of girls who were born and brought up in an orthodox family. It was a time when settling down in overseas was a matter of pride but also gave a sense of tension and separation. So, when Kajol and her family’s background was introduced, it instantly connected with people in India who missed their relatives in ‘pardes.’

Kajol as Simran was every girl who wanted a chance to live her dream, to find her love and experience happily ever after.


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:

After making us believe in eternal love stories, Kajol with this Karan Johar film presented the kind of love people had started to believe in, the love that’s found within friendship.

When Shah Rukh says ‘Pyaar dosti hai’, while it seemed a bit unbelievable, Kajol as Anjali proved that it’s true. One can find their life partners in their best friends.


Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham: After being a complete tom-boy in her last film, Anjali came back as a girl from Chandni Chowk, who wasn’t afraid of what will happen next, lived life to the fullest and loved her family. Even though she was all of this, her values were something that made her a favourite of the audience. We really cannot imagine someone else playing Kajol’s character in this film.


My Name Is Khan: Kajol in this film showcased a woman’s power and how her love knows no religion or race. While the society was making fun of a man suffering from autism, Kajol’s character understood the humanity and love he carried within himself. She taught us that there’s always something to cherish in moments which are ordinary.


In the span of 25 years, Kajol has been choosy about the kind of work she does. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that her choices have made an actress who will be remembered for generations to come.  Here’s wishing Kajol a very happy birthday!