Things just got spicier in Kangana Ranaut‘s life because she may have just admitted on being in a relationship. The diva, in an interview with Bombay Times, as usual, spoke her heart out but maybe also revealed something none of us were aware of! Yes, sparks of love have flown for the actress, who stated, “I am in a relationship like that. It has already happened to me.” Shocking, isn’t it? If she really means what she said, that would put all the haste to get married this year in place.

On several occasions in the recent past, Kangana stated that she wishes to get married this year but never revealed that perhaps it’s this ongoing relationship that has led her to take the next step. So in the interview, the Rangoon actress actually began talking about what her thoughts are on Valentine’s Day.

She said, “When I was younger, it meant a lot more. Now I don’t think it holds as much significance; you don’t wait for a Valentine to propose to you. In our age group, it unfolds differently.”


However, as her interview came to an end, she concluded with a bang on answer that has left us wondering! Ranaut was basically asked if she does believe in the existence and experience the kind of love she spoke of during her interview.

To this, the fiesty actress made a revelation that she is in such a relationship; and that she has experienced what she spoke of! Wow, we’re still finding it hard to swallow this big truth that she just blurted out. She also stated that every time a relationship goes kaput, there’s no looking back for her.

“I have been in an equation where I saw the person was doing a lot for me and I felt obliged to respond to that desire from his end, and I misunderstood it for love. Yes, I have been in a situation where someone is addressing your insecurities and convincing you that you are the best. In that sense, he was basically telling me whatever I wanted to hear at that point. Or helping me financially as a friend or in whatever capacity .

I responded thinking that was the best thing to do as it seemed like love. But no, that surely wasn’t love,” says the gorgeous diva! Fiery, isn’t she? We definitely can’t wait to know who it is she’s talking about.

With this revelation that Kangana is in a relationship, looks like she’s gonna be in news for a long long time. We’d definitely want to know who the man is! What about you? Can you make any guesses? You can use the comments box below to do so. Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop and latest updates.

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Kangana Ranaut in a relationship?
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