Kangana Ranaut is known to speak her mind, filters be damned. In 2016, her name was not on the news for a movie in which she had given a remarkable performance. But because of an ugly controversy that surrounded her and Hrithik Roshan. During a media interaction Kangana wondered, out loud, why “exes do silly things,”. And Hrithik’s lawyers reciprocated the love with a legal notice, asking for an apology. Kangana also showed that she knows how to hire an impeccable legal team. It’s been almost a year since the entire drama unfolded, and Kangana is still pretty vocal about the issue when asked about it. In a recent interview  she has said that how Hrithik “was going and crying to the entire industry” about the matter.

Talking to Firstpost  about if she felt isolated from the industry during the ordeal Kangana said that she isolated herself intentionally. She also said that how she believed that “closure” could be given only by the two people  involved in the matter and that there was no need to involve a third party. It seemed like a perfect non-controversial answer at first, but you have to wait for it, as she further added, “Though there were instances when he (Hrithik) was going and crying to the entire industry, wanting them to sabotage my career, and people were calling me and saying — ‘He met us, he has showed us proofs and (do you) want to meet us because we want to know your side of the story as well?’ But I was like, it is none of your business. I was trying to figure things out and felt that it didn’t make sense seeking closure from others.”


In another interview with a leading daily she had talked about how shooting in remote locations for Rangoon, her next film release, was problematic to her. “The phone network was really bad. It got especially difficult when I had to deal with a legal mess back home in Mumbai. We’d drive 20 kilometers to receive calls. But otherwise, when I am working I love non-network zones, especially places like Arunachal Pradesh, which are so beautiful.” she said. Kangana looks like she is in no mood to let bygones by bygones.

Kangana also said in interview with Firstpost that she didn’t understand the dynamics of the “case” in the first place. “So there is someone who is in love with me but he wants to impersonate Hrithik. But I in return want to stalk Hrithik, Hrithik in return wants an apology [laughs]. He is basically not after the person who is impersonating him, he is after me. Apparently, he wants an apology (from me) because someone is impersonating him and romancing me, whereas I am meeting him every day on the sets and he is my friend regardless. I frankly did not get this. And apparently, all this happened in my head. It was in my head, but the impersonator was a real person. But then, I also imagined things and through those imaginations, I also managed to harass this person who eventually did not decide to ever speak to me about this matter”, she expressed her sense of confusion.

But the actress also admits that the entire incident took a toll on her and amdits she was “completely shattered on a personal level” and that “it was just a shattering of your own confidence in people, faith in people.”

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Kangana Ranaut says Hrithik Roshan went to people wanting them to sabotage her career
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