We all know how Kangana Ranaut is all about women empowerment. So obviously, whenever she finds an opportunity, she will speak up for the same. Kangana has undertaken an ad campaign which speaks about women empowerment. For the same, there were pics of the actress wearing a luscious pink gown and learning dance steps to sway.

The dance sequence has been created by Anamika Singh, who quoted to DNA, “I believe dance is an expression of the soul and enjoyed my experience taking Kangana over the whole process of getting her in touch with her inner being and bringing out her inner goddess. We kept in mind the collection’s theme of divinity and celebrating and enhancing a woman’s attractiveness. When you’re true to your soul, you shine in divine light, just as Kangana.”

It’s always a pleasure to see the actress, be it in photo shoots or in movies. There’s a charm that she holds which attracts people to her. Plus, her bold nature also gets her more love from fans.


Similarly, as we read her feature story on L’Officiel magazine, she shed light on how she finds it disturbing the way men are and how they treat women.

She had said, “Look at what happened to my sister Rangoli. Some bully threw acid on her face because he thought it was okay to do such a thing because she said no to him. It is the same mentality. But I have seen this kind of behaviour right from my childhood.

My father would bring guns as gift for my brother Akshat and ask him to play act shooting. So a child growing up learning violence is okay while the women of the house have to cover their faces when they went out. I knew that clearly was not my life and I left home.” Therefore, we know how strongly she thinks of the necessity of women empowerment. We wonder what kind of ad shoot this one is going to be like.

Bollywood for women empowerment

Bollywood is not known for promoting women’s rights or empowerment – its known more for its item songs and the objectification of women. However Bollywood has tried to redeem itself by making women oriented films have recently. These have done their bit to further the cause of women’s rights in their own ways: Mary Kom tells the story of India’s top boxer, her journey against all odds and the kind of support she got from her family, most importantly her husband. Dawat e Ishq may be principally a love story but it has a strong anti-dowry message.

MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) is a social initiative intended to increase awareness and to encourage gender equality and respect towards women. The initiative’s official video is the song Chhulein Aasmam (reach for the sky) featuring Farhan Akhtar and Salim-Sulaiman. Scroll below to hear Akhtar’s voice singing about the platitudes women are typically made to hear as their rights and dreams are squashed.

Priyanka Chopra has lent support to the MARD initiative, where she tells women that the power to change lies in their own hands. Anushka Sharma also lends her support and calls for a more balanced future that helps women progress.

One of the most vocal supporters of women’s rights, Kalki Kochelin had been a part of the satirical video that went viral last year – Its Your Fault! The video featuring Kochelin and Juhi Pandey highlights how every sexual assault is always made out to be woman’s fault and how it is the rape survivor who is always shamed and made to feel somehow guilty of a crime that is perpetrated against them. (Source – Sarcastically Yours)

The recent Shweta Basu Prasad sex scandal also had several actors come out in support of the starlet. Her previous co-star on TV, Shakshi Tanwar came out in support of the former child actress as did Deepika Padukone who said that rather than offering criticism, people should be coming forward to help.

Recently the Kerala government made actress Asin the face of their Women’s Empowerment programme. The actress was previously the recipient of youth icon awards for promoting girl’s education. (Source – MattersIndia.com)

Rani Mukherji is another Bollywood diva who has done her bit for women’s empowerment with her unique initiative to change Indian mindsets. She launched the ‘I Am Shakti’ campaign and voiced the view that in coming times, it should be men who tie rakhis to women. She champions women learning self defence techniques to protect themselves so that they don’t need men to do this for them. (Source – India Today)

Mega star Amitabh Bachchan has also recently been in the news for voicing his support of Farhan Akhtar’s MARD idea and video. Previously as well, he has come out in support of female education and has opined that “True equality can only exist if the whole society embraces it.” (Source – Deccan Chronicle)

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Kangana Ranaut to feature on a women empowerment ad campaign
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