Kangana Ranaut’s statements often make her one of the boldest actresses. However, a lot of times she ends up in a foot in the mouth situation. Oh, don’t worry Kangana and Shahid fans. This is not one of the instances, although it may seem like. The diva, in a recent interview to Mid-Day, made some revelations about what it was like to work withShahid Kapoor, during Rangoon.

Oh yes, it was dreadful, according to the actress. ” We were shooting in a remote location where a little makeshift cottage was erected. Shahid and I were sharing the cottages with our respective teams.

Every morning, I would wake up to this mad hip-hop music. And he would exercise listening to crazy trance and techno songs blasting from the speakers. I was fed up and wanted to shift out. Sharing the cottage with Shahid was a nightmare,” she said with a laugh.13

We all know pretty damn well what a fitness freak Sasha is. So much that his wife Mira, has actually planned a ‘healthy’ birthday plan for the actor! He has posted quite a lot of gym pics on his page as well where he has flaunted his enviable ripped bod.

Perhaps loud music and hip hop isn’t really Kangana’s scene. We remember, that for Rangoon, Mira had also tagged along with the actor because as soon as the shoot was over, they left for a mini vacation.

Since they had to shoot way up in the North Eastern hostile terrains, the crew did have a hard time. However, considering how Kangana herself is a mountain girl (as she hails from Himachal Pradesh) it was a piece of cake for her. She said, “Initially, it was a bit taxing because I was suddenly taken from an urban location to an extremely remote location with no network.

But, gradually, it became a lot easier since I am a mountain girl. But Shahid would often freak out.” The National Award winning actress calls Rangoon a life-changing experience for her. “This is probably the best script that I have ever heard. The film revolves around my character, Julia, and it [playing it] was demanding. But, it is a role that comes to an actor once in their lifetime,” said the actress.

Well, she did make two revelations about her co-star Shahid Kapoor, with whom she has shared some extremely steamy scenes. Set during World War 2, the film is a love triangle between Kangana, Saif and Shahid. As we already know, the diva plays Julia, a performer in the movie.

With the intriguing plot and fresh pairing, we just can’t wait for the release! Oh and we’ve found out that the trio will be coming on Koffee With Karan’s episode to promote their film!

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Kangana Ranaut was fed up of Shahid Kapoor on the sets of Rangoon
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