Kareena Kapoor Khan gave birth to Taimur Ali Khan on December 20 and since then his name has become a subject of national concern. The fact that it sounds similar to a tyrant Turkish-Mongol ruler has made many predict the future of her son. Even today both Kareena and Saif Ali Khan are asked about their son’s name. Now and then, we keep listening to new details about his name.

Recently, Times of India reported that Kareena has been heard calling her baby Little John and when the actress was asked about it, she sounded really upset.


TOI had quoted sources saying that they have often heard Kareena address him so, almost renaming him. That fuelled talks about the parents thinking of changing his name owing to the mass discussion on it that took place on every social media space. Kareena in an interview with Hindustan Times slammed the reports strongly. She said, “I want to clarify that. How can anyone think that?

Why would I call my son Little John? My son’s name is Taimur. It is the most beautiful name, and he is the most beautiful and gorgeous man (smiles). And, no, I don’t call him Little John. Please address him as Taimur Ali Khan.” We too feel it is the most ridiculous news we have ever heard. Who terms their kid Little John? It’s a child not a film that it will be termed so. No wonder Kareena sounded so pissed at the mention of this.

Time and again, Saif and Kareena have defended the choice of name for their son. Saif had said, “I am aware that there is a Turkish ruler who is possibly a little violent. That was Timur and this is Taimur. It might sound similar because it has similar roots. Also, to judge the past by today’s lens is a little far out. A name doesn’t really mean anything. Asoka is a violent name then. There’s Alexander too.”

And Kareena on her part had gushed about it saying, “I say it with a lot of pride that he (Taimur) is the most gorgeous child, not because he is mine, but because he is very good looking. Yes, he has the Pathan genes, but it’s also because I ate a lot of ghee.”

What did Timur the Lame do?

He was a member of a Mongol tribe settled in what is now Uzbekistan.

In 1370 he declared himself the leader of the Mongol empire.

He is said to have spent the next decade leading conquests across the region, taking control of Persia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Mesopotamia and Georgia.

In 1398 he invaded India and wreaked havoc and killed thousands.

It is said Delhi took more than 100 years to recover.

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Kareena Kapoor it seems is really upset about the news that she has named her son Little John
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