Kareena Kapoor Khan rocked her pregnancy avatar like a BOSS! Every time she stepped out with that baby bump, we couldn’t help but stare at how beautiful she looked. Breaking stereotypes, Kareena has started a new trend altogether. However, didn’t you know that Bebo was insecure about seeing her own pics while she was pregnant. “I was photographed and I was like ‘Oh My God my double chin is showing’ and I used to show the pics to my friends and my friends used to tell me it’s ok you’re pregnant,” she revealed today during her Facebook LIVE chat session with dietician Rujuta Diwekar.

Well, this in itself is a proof that Kareena is just like every other girl out there. But hey, even though she gained 18 kilos during her pregnancy, she flaunted it like nobody else and that’s what is commendable! Don’t you think so?


Talking about Taimur and how life is shaping up post pregnancy, Kareena went on to make some interesting revelations too. “Saif is at home now. I had to be hear for the live chat. So I wanted Saif to be with Taimur. Saif delayed his meeting little bit so I could be here for the chat. Taimur is not alone, one parent is always there with him.
“We are always going to do the same. If not then I am strapping him on and going for shoots and that’s amazing. He (Taimur) is an integral part of us, he is part of Saif and me, he is born to us,” Kareena said. She also said that she had a smooth pregnancy thanks to her family and friends, who are continuing with the support after the birth of the child. “It doesn’t matter what size and shape you are in during or post pregnancy.

I had this amazing child and I had amazing support system from family and friends. “He is the most gorgeous son, he is very good looking. He had Pathan genes…As I had lot of ghee, I went conventional way,” she added further.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan felt insecure about her body at times during her pregnancy days?
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