After Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif is now all set to turn a producer. Buzz is strong that the Baar Baar Dekho actress is keen on venturing into the territory to launch her UK-based model-actress sister Isabel in India. Earlier it was being said that Salman Khan was to launch her in Bollywood but a source close to the 51-year-old actor revealed to Mumbai Mirror that there are no plans of him producing a film with Isabel anytime soon. He said it’s Katrina who is planning to launch her own banner which would be a debut vehicle for Isabel.

“Katrina and Salman discuss films extensively and are like family to each other. She has shown interest in venturing into film production soon while simultaneously balancing her acting gigs and has been reading scripts, discussing films with her close director friends as well. If there’s anyone who’ll launch her sister in a big Bollywood production, it’ll be Katrina herself,” the source revealed.


Katrina had dropped a hint of bringing her sister to India. She had even said that Isabel is a trained actor and an amazing dancer. “I am not training her for Bollywood. She is right now working in the English film industry. She has just done a film called Dr Cabbie which was in English and I believe it has done extremely well in Canada. Also, she has formal training in acting so that way she doesn’t need training from me. She is an amazing dancer as well. So she has everything and right now she is working there but if she comes here than yes it will be great. Because I know a lot of people here…over there…I can help her only a certain extent…the scope is limited,” she said.

When Mirror got in touch with Katrina, she said, “Nothing really has crystallised yet. I will produce a film one day… soon.”

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Katrina Kaif to become a producer
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