Are you a big fan of cinema? If yes then you’ll definitely like this episode of Koffee With Karan. Unless you’re a critic, then you better steer clear because Zoya Akhtar has a bone to pick with you! For today’s Koffee episode, Karan Johar invited his contemporaries, Kabir Khan, Zoya Akhtar and Imtiaz Ali. Now many may find today’s episode boring and too educational, movie buffs who aspire to become something in the filmmaking field will learn quite a lot.

The couch has Zoya, who has been an industry person, courtesy being born to Javed Akhtar, Kabir, who was a total outsider but has fit in and Imtiaz, who is basically on a totally different trip. Yes, the episode has Kabir and Zoya in sync as they bounce off opinions in terms of films, box office and critics but Imtiaz is in his own world.


Unlike the bitchiness of celebs, which usually sets the premise of this show, the three directors spoke a lot about films and took us down an educational tour. They spoke about the perils of trying to convince actors to come onboard for a project, the stupidity level of questions asked to them by celebs and much more. They all opened up about their background and the first time they made a film.

Everyone’s journey is different from each other and they’ve all had their share of good and bad. Amid these revelations, Kabir even mentioned Aditya Chopra and said, the mythical Adi does exist! During this, Zoya confessed that actors should not be trusted with scripts because they don’t really read it. All of them prefer the narration instead.

Soon the topic shifted to box office numbers and how each and every one of them had their bad days when the reviews were great but the numbers weren’t. But while others sat disheartened on this, Ali said that he only aims to collect all the money that has been invested in making the film. Quite practical. With that came the subject of reviews. That one segment was fiery as Zoya continued to diss critics over their poor skills to criticise a film.

She went on and on about it with Karan joining in this rant. That was a bit of a letdown. After all that ended, KJo’s fun segment began which wasn’t really that awesome but very honest. The boys defeated Zoya in the rapid fire round but she was back in the game as she won the quiz round hands down!

We think this episode isn’t meant for people who are looking for gossip but for those who like cinema and want to know more about the past and present of the same.

Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop and latest gossip.

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