After giving us back to back mediocre episodes, Karan Johar went back to his students and invited them for the second time this season. For the uninitiated, Alia Bhatt opened the season accompanied by Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawan sat on the couch with friend Arjun Kapoor in one of the earlier episodes.

This time they returned to promote their film Badrinath Ki Dulhania, produced by Karan Johar. And the three of them delivered the best episode of the season so far. It was everything, Koffee With Karan is (or was) known for. It was candid, it was revelating and it was fun.

It started with Varun and Alia talking about their camaraderie and how it was Sidharth Malhotra who broke the ice between the three when they first started working on Student Of The Year. They also revealed that they were close to each other and from being close they went too close and there was a point in their life when they were not on talking terms. But Varun maintained that even then he wouldn’t listen a word against Alia.

Alia then concluded that now they are comfortable in their own space. It looked like they were trying hard enough to prove that there is or was nothing between the two. So much so that Alia went on to call her relationship and comfort with Varun as that of a sibling.

The episode then took a turn towards sexual innuendos. Be it Varun gifting Alia a hair dryer which was acting like a vibrator or Karan prompting and pointing Varun about his hand being around his crotch. It was hilarious. Just when I thought it can’t be more fun than this.

Varun Dhawan’s failed mimicry of Hrithik Roshan had everyone in splits. He was spot on with the expression and physicality of it but couldn’t come to terms with pronouncing the word “Pehchante” when he tried to say, “Woh Is Chehre Ko Pehchante Hain” from Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai. The fun round of mimicking actors was won by Varun Dhawan. It was then the turn for the famous rapid fire. And boy. Varun nailed it. If Jackie Shroff was clearly obsessed by Madhuri Dixit in one of the previous episodes, here it was Varun Dhawan, who was obsessed with Disha Patani.


So much so that he even revealed that he gets turned on by Disha and later even confirmed Tiger’s relationship with Disha. It was not just Disha Patani, when Varun was asked if he had to date someone of the same sex, he revealed that it would be Tiger Shroff as he’s flexible.

Later when he was asked about one actor who’d be arrested for public nudity, he was very quick to name Ranveer Singh. He also confirmed Sidharth and Alia’s relationship when asked about one thing that Sidharth has and he doesn’t. As his usual self, he very quickly looked at Alia, leaving her embarrassed. Well safe to say that Varun was on fire. Not once he minced his words and wasn’t diplomatic at all. That’s how one should be, when appearing on a show like Koffee with Karan.

Alia too wasn’t far behind, in fact her answers too were pretty candid. When asked about people she wouldn’t mind going jail for. She quickly took Karan and Sidharth’s name.

She also revealed how, in a world everyone thrives on gossip, it is Katrina Kaif who’s good with keeping secrets. When asked about three co-stars she’d love to hook up with, she expressed her desire of hooking up with Shah Rukh Khan, if only he was single. Apart from Shah Rukh Khan, the other two names she took were Sidharth Malhotra and Arjun Kapoor.

She too left everyone in splits when she revealed that Varun Dhawan considers Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut as his competitors. Hearing this Karan burst into laughter and Varun was left embarrassed, justifying that he was drunk when he said that.

Varun won the rapid fire round as well as the rat race round. So at the end the scores were Varun – 3 and Alia – 0.

Overall, it was Varun’s antics, Varun-Alia’s funny banter and their candidness, that won the episode over and made it a fun watch.

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