Lady Gaga has taken to her social media to announce her documentary named Gaga: Five Foot Two which will premiere on Netflix on 22nd September.

The “Joanne” singer took to social media sharing a series of teasers about her new project, while also revealing the super-stunning and artistic poster of her upcoming documentary. A Chris Moukarbel directorial who happens to be an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, this documentary will showcase “an intimate and unfettered portrait of a year in the life of Lady Gaga,” according to Netflix.

From the ongoing problems in relationships to certain intense health issues, from finding solace in her inner circle to conquering those insecurities, Gaga: Five Foot Two will navigate the divide between life as a superstar and life as an everyday woman. Offstage, in the studio, unplugged and at home, audiences get an unguarded glimpse at Gaga through a series of personal highs and lows and the culmination of a year’s emotional journey,” said a spokes person for Netflix.

In the latest post on her Social Media, the six-time Grammy winner finally talks about her much talked about the feud with Madona. Gaga says, “I have admired her always, and I still admire her no matter what she might think of me. The only thing that really bothers me about her is that…” and the video very cryptically stops there. Ah, that’s going to be such a tease.


In the post before that, there is a very intense scene of her sitting in the hospital, while the doctor is explaining tells her, “So phase one, is let’s try to get out of this intense pain that’s in your face.’ 


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Although it’s not sure yet, the 31-year-old pop-star can be dealing with a Lupus-adjacent disease which is responsible for intense pain on the face. It’s because Lupus runs in the family, her aunt Joanne 19 died of the disease after whom Gaga named her latest record Joanne.

There is also a very dramatic clip where the singer is full dresses in water, and in the background, you hear her saying, “I’m alone Brandon, every night. All of these people will leave. And I’ll be alone. I go from everyone touching me all day and talking at me all day to total silence.”.

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She claims to have not seen the documentary and her fans will be the first ones to watch it as she thinks she will be objective to it, once she sees the footage. Well, Gaga we certainly can’t wait anymore.