Logan is releasing today in theatres near you, but don’t expect the movie to have the runtime as the version they will be showing in a theatre in USA. Let me give you the reason in just one word – R-Rated! Yeah, just like last year’s Deadpool, which turned out to be the highest grossing R-rated movie of the year, even Logan is not squeamish when it comes to showing violence, swear words and nudity – three aspects that are always frowned upon by our sanskari Censor Board. Remember how Deadpool was censored of its sex scenes, violence and abuses by the board, despite being rated A. Why do you think Logan will be spared from its sanskar?


Logan’s trailers themselves have shown as to how much violence and swear words will be there in the movie. The Censor Board, already in hot water over not issuing a certificate to Lipstick Under My Burka because it showed women issues, has no plans to change its image unless your movie is backed by a huge studio in India. I haven’t seen Logan yet, but I went to check the IMDb to find out what will bother the Censor Board.

Bloody Violence


Unless you are Rajinikanth (whose Kabali has been let off with a U rating, despite its gratuitous violence), scenes like above will surely be frowned down by our CBFC. IMDB has this to  say about the violent scenes, “There are several prolonged fight sequences throughout the film where blood spurting and impalements are depicted.”

Violence by a child 


X 23 (Dafne Keen), the child mutant under the protection of Logan, is a mutant like him – having retractable claws with full on berserker rage. If Pahlaj Nihalani has issues with normal violence, what makes him forgive making a child showing killing people.


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In Days of Future Past, a scene showing Wolverine’s bare backside was cut from the theatrical version in India. The same could apply for this particular scene that IMDB mentions – ‘There is a brief glimpse of female upper-body frontal nudity when a woman pulls down her gown partially to flash her breasts at a male character.’

Drug use


Though it’s not exactly illegal drugs that the characters are using, Logan is seen injecting himself and others with medical drugs.

The frequent use of F-words


If Deadpool got his mouth sewn by our Board, Logan will surely have trouble uttering his favourite word every time on screen.

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Logan is releasing today in theatres near you, but don't expect the movie to have the runtime as the version they will be showing in a theatre in USA
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