Alia Bhatt, who has had the most amazing year in 2016, moved out of her daddy dearest’s home and got herself her own pad, which btw is absolutely swanky.

While she is busy settling into the new home with sister Shaheen Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt misses his little one and has the most father-like reaction to her move. This is what he said to HT.


I call that house Fairyland… When I messaged her, I wrote that maybe it’s the separation pangs that daddy is feeling, because I wake up in the morning and don’t find her in the house anymore. So I said, ‘Maybe I’m suffering from Alia withdrawals and this is my way to cope with it.’ She responded: ‘That’s so sweet Dad. This is the biggest gift.’ I guess it’s the warmth we shared that warmed people’s hearts… In this era of social media, whatever catches your heart, catches the heart of the people too.’

Awww. Fathers are adorbs.

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Mahesh Bhatt On Alia Bhatt Moving Out Of His Home
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