Aamir has always been referred to as Mr. Perfectionist. But, he prefers himself to be called as Mr. Passionate instead.

Let us have a look on what he has to say,”It puts no pressure on me because I don’t believe in the title. So that title is an inaccurate title. The correct title that fits me is not Mr Perfectionist, it should be Mr Passionate, that is what I am”.


Perfection according to me, does not exist. Their is no such thing. Certainly not in the creative field. There are so many different opinions, so how can there be a perfect idea?”

He added, “When I am in a shot there are many elements that need to be right. There are lot of technical problems because of which a shot has to be done again.

I don’t look for technical perfections. What I look for in a shot is whether one has been able to capture the heart of the moment. Then you see the shot, you feel that it happened and everything fall in place.”

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Mr. Passionate not Mr Perfectionist
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