“I am Noor. Noor Roy Choudhary”, Sonakshi Sinha introduces her character and then proceeds to show us a part of her life through the song Uff Yeh Noor. This number from the upcoming film Noor is very peppy. Sonakshi looks pretty throughout and acts her part well.

Uff Yeh Noor has undertones of English country music. The song soon turns to a peppy Bollywood number and sets the mood. Despite being a good number, the song will fail to attract the masses. As it lacks that massy content, that our audience prefers, unfortunately. The lyrics are catchy, and Amaal Mallik has composed a good melody, but this is not his best work. Armaan Malik croons the number soothingly, but we feel a husky female voice would have done more justice to the setting of Uff Yeh Noor.

Over the course of the song we see Noor fall down, bump into inanimate objects, and make weird faces. We know she is a poor clumsy character who has a knack for getting into trouble. Seems like her luck has run out completely. We get to know all this while the lyrics tell us how different and cute Noor is. The visuals make us fall in love with Noor especially the one where Sonakshi steals a glance at a packet of aloo bhujia. After some contemplation, she gives in to the temptation and gorges on the savoury delicacy.

While Uff Ye Noor is out and we like it but aren’t heavily impressed, we are eagerly looking forward to the collab between Sonakshi and Diljit for the next ditty. Sonakshi’s penchant for singing is something we are all aware of. She has now collaborated with Badshah and Diljit Dosanjh for a special song, titled MYL, in Noor. The trio recorded the song last week, and it will be out soon.