Is it just us or even you guys feel there’s always a certain kind of happy vibe when Kareena Kapoor Khan steps out with her girlies – Karisma Kapoor and Amrita Arora? I mean, one look at the above picture and you will know what we are trying to say. Probably, the trio hit the gym before heading to a restaurant for a lunch date. But it’s the mood of these pictures that will instantly light up your day.

Especially the one where a chirpy Bebo is seen whispering something into Amrita’s ears, leading to an adorable burst of laughter – how I wish I could be a part of this squad at least for a day if not forever. No wonder Karisma decided to wear this t-shirt that reads, “Join my squad” only for the world to know that she has the BEST.COMPANY.EVER!

The last we saw Karisma, Kareena, Amrita chilling together was during Amrita and Malaika’s mom’s birthday a few days back. While the troop partied till the wee hours of morning. Their blurry pictures were very much out for proof. Like they say, happy people are the prettiest, we feel Kareena looks the happiest when she is with her BFFs and this above picture is yet again an evidence of the same; though Malaika is missing in this frame.


Indeed, it’s very rare to find such friendships in the industry. Reminds us of the time when Amrita had gushed about being friends with Kareena saying, “I admire Bebo for her loyalty and unconditional love for her near and dear ones. She hasn’t changed one bit since the time I’ve known her. I love the way she handles herself even after being who she is. She just isn’t affected by all the craziness that surrounds her.

Bebo continues to be this normal girl who enjoys life and works very hard. She is ambitious and has a crazy passion for her craft.” Talking about their little fights, Amrita then added, “We have regular petty arguments which invariably get sorted out in two minutes. They’re so insignificant… In fact we laugh about them, too.”

Missing your BFF? We too!

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Only if we could join Kareena Kapoor Khan's squad!
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