Sonam Kapoor‘s quirky fashion sense just reached a cooler level than what it was! Who would’ve thought to make a saree out of used denim? Well, if anybody did, too bad they didn’t incorporate it as brilliantly as Sonam. Filmmaker and producer Vikas Bahl hosted a party last night which was well-attended by biggies of Bollywood.

From Karan Johar to Alia Bhatt to Sidharth Malhotra to Sonakshi Sinha, all were there to have a great time. Madhu Mantena and his designer wife Masaba were also present at the bash. Most of them were dressed to impress, considering it was a party after all. Lovebirds Alia and Sidharth caught our fancy as they took a ride home together. But more than anything, the highlight was Sonam Kapoor’s denim saree.


The actress attended the party dressed up in a gorgeous denim saree created by Masaba Gupta. Although, the designer credits the idea to Sonam’s stylist sister Rhea Kapoor, we think the way the actress pulled it off, it deserves an applause. It has been quite a while since we saw Sonam don something extremely quirky but hot. This is basically every girl’s go-to look.

There’s absolutely no fuss and it’s so damn good that it should become a trend soon! Basically, the look is pretty simple. The designer has collected a set of denims and stitched them up together. Now what makes the outfit chic and cool is the fact that it’s a pant-style saree. The crop top is made of denim and so are the pants. The outfit brings out such an urban ethnic feel that we just can’t wait to try it out ourselves! Check out all the pics.

There’s a reason why she’ll forever remain Bollywood’s ultimate fashionista. We know you don’t like to be called that Sonam but nobody else could’ve pulled off this look like you did. The denim saree is such an inspiration. Takes us back to the time when she brought the futuristic saree that she donned at Cannes 2016 press conference.

Not only did she look her classy best but also gave us something trendy to try. Soon, even this denim saree idea is going to become a trend and we have the actress and her team of talented ladies to thank!

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Only Sonam Kapoor could've thought of making a saree out of used denim, don't you think?
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