Varun Dhawan surely went on another level of excitement that cost him his pants! So recently the actor was present on the sets of Indian Idol 9 to promote his upcoming film, Badrinath Ki Dulhania with co-star Alia Bhatt. Being Varun, excitement was at it’s peak. People around didn’t mind as they are pretty used to it but this cost him a pair of pants that ripped apart thanks to all the excess energy. According to a report on Mumbai Mirror, the actor was asked to perform a small number with one of the contestants. What started as a fun episode soon turned embarrassing for Varun as his pants ripped, right in the middle of the stage. But the way he managed to sustain the whole energy after changing into a fresh pair, is totally commendable.


A source told them, “Varun and Alia, were playing matchmakers for all the contestants and after Malvika Sundar’s performance, Varun asked her what qualities does she looked for in a man.Malvika blushed and told him that the guy had to be a die-hard roman tic like Shah Rukh Khan and most importantly should know the famous Kuthu dance of Chennai.Varun who had never experimented with the dance form was willing to give it a go and joined Malvika on stage. But then he realised that his pants were too tight. Unwilling to disappoint the girl and the audience, he started following her cues but despite his caution, he ended up ripping his pants. This put him in an embarrassing spot bang in the middle of the stage.” After this fiasco, host Karan Wahi came to his rescue as he helped ease the situation. The actor soon rushed to his vanity van and returned in a fresh pair of pants. However, apart from the pants, nothing else changed. Not his energy or his mood!

We also heard that right after his pant-ripping incident occurred, the actor returned on the sets and auctioned his damaged pants! But eventually he just flung the pants in the audience for the ladies to go gaga over. Now here’s something all celebs need to learn from the actor. Not only was he cool about the whole incident but to keep the young girl’s heart, he continued to impress the audience with his energy. It’s quite a fantastic trait to have, don’t you think? We’re totally impressed by how he maintained his calm and didn’t throw a fit because of the oops moment. We wonder if this bit will be aired on TV or if it will be snipped off.

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Oops! Varun Dhawan had a wardrobe malfunction on the sets of Indian Idol 9
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