Now someone had to say this one day, right? I mean, what started with Kangana Ranaut slamming Karan Johar as the ‘flag bearer of nepotism, eventually resulted into a heated fight with Karan warning Kangana to stop playing the victim card and leave the industry. The spat was out for the world to hear as the war of words only got uglier by the day. Although nobody from Bollywood tried intervening in this because why bear the unnecessary fuss; but you won’t believe what Sonam Kapoor has to say as she admits, the fight made for a ‘great bathroom reading’. Also read: Kangana Ranaut SHUTS Karan Johar down with fiery statements, decoding what she meant by them

Being brutally honest, Sonam in her recent interaction with NDTV said, “It was very entertaining. Every morning I wake up and it’s great bathroom reading. It’s mudslinging of the worst kind. I don’t know Kangana. I know Karan very well. I find Kangana very entertaining and that’s about it. I don’t want to comment on something that looks opportunistic, honestly. And I believe you are a feminist when you build other people up, especially other women. All I can say is that I respect the choices that she has made in her career till now.”

Sonam even reasoned why she would never do something like this and contribute into a show’s TRP. She added, “I made a decision when I was very young after my second or first ‘Koffee With Karan’ – it was that I would not do mudslinging when other actors and actresses are concerned because I would not do it for TRPs, I would not do it for a channel and I felt if I have to give an opinion or be opinionated, it would have to be for something that is relevant and I don’t think dragging someone down or criticizing someone or having this public spat – I find it very distasteful. You can set examples without washing your dirty linen in public.”

Guess, Kangana really needs to take a cue or two from Sonam’s sensibility. Your thoughts?