Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees which released on January 25 this year, became the first Rs. 100 crore film in 2017. Now that isn’t a surprise at all. It’s a Shah Rukh Khan film, that’s the least what is expected from it.

It saw a really good run at the box office despite clashing with Hrithik Roshan‘s Kaabil, a formidable opponent. Now the film will release in Egypt and Jordan tomorrow which has a fairly decent SRK loving population.

Raees tells a story of a bootlegger who is almost a Robin Hood. He has a heart of gold and likes to help anyone in distress. He is equally famous and infamous in Gujarat and it is the infamous bit that puts him on the radar of tough cop Majmudar. For him, crime is a crime and he won’t go lenient on anyone for whatever reasons.


Shah Rukh Khan returned back to the genre that made him a craze back in the 90s and no, we aren’t talking about romance here. He is the one who made anti-hero the in-thing in that decade after Baazigar and Darr. Raees seems him in the same light but has many other shades too.

Nawazuddin’s cop act too earned a lot of raves because this is one man who can do anything but go wrong with his craft. All in all, a film which played to every section of SRK’s fandom making it the most liked film of 2017 so far. (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan booked for allegedly rioting and damaging railway property during Raees promotions)

So Egypt and Jordan are in for a treat tomorrow, something Pakistan couldn’t experience. SRK’s film couldn’t be released in the country as apparently it shows the community in poor light. Mahira Khan, the female lead in the film was pretty kicked about its release there but unfortunately for them, it didn’t happen.

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People in Egypt will get to meet Raees Alam's how!
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