Priyanka Chopra says that she had to sacrifice a smooth life in order to do the kind of work she does. Though she hardly gets time to meet her family, she is happy that she will “have a legacy” that she would tell her children all about. While talking to leading daily the actress talked about all that comes along with the universal stardom. She also stated that it is not easy what she does, and understands why not many have been able to make it big in the West.

Priyanka Chopra has certainly made it big in the West. She is the star of popular TV series Quantico, and will soon mark her territory in Hollywood films with her debut in Baywatch. Apart from this, she has been on every chat show that we can think of, she has hosted Global Citizen with Chris Martin, she has been a presenter at the Oscars with Tom Hiddleston, and has won two People’s Choice Awards. Global domination certainly is going well for our desi girl.


“To start over again after having had a successful career in an industry where you are loved, to do that after you’re on of the top actors in your country, it is a big thing.” said Priyanka talking about her achievements in the West. She added that it “takes a lot to reintroduce yourself” to whole new industry without the airs of stardom.

“Although I have been treated with a lot of respect, I’ve now understood why many actors don’t attempt or aren’t able to do it [make it in the West]. It’s a lot easier to stay in your comfort zone.” she said, as quoted by the news daily.

There was a buzz that Priyanka will be shooting for two Hindi films very soon. But that idea also doesn’t seem to be concrete as of now. Priyanka opened up about the same and said that she is not sure as she has very limited time between wrapping up Quantico season 2 and beginning the season 3.

She has met a lot directors when she was briefly in India, and a few also flew to New York to meet her to discuss potential projects. “But I don’t have to rush [to decide] because I won’t be able to start anything before April. I am still in the process of deciding. and figuring out] how many films I can do in India and the US.

So, may the best script win.” the actress added. We are so eagerly waiting for Priyanka to announce her next project. There were reports that she will be announcing two films in December 2016, but that never materialised.

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Priyanka Chopra talks about her achievements in the West, and her future movie projects
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