he world knows how close Priyanka Chopra and her mother Madhu Chopra are. They often attend award shows together, and travel the world together. Dr Madhu was even seated amongst the guests when Priyanka appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She not only plays the role of a perfect mother, but helps Priyanka on business front. She is handling the production house they jointly own in India. We met her up and talked about many aspects of her daughter’s life. Her most impressive answer came when she was quizzed about Priyanka’s marriage.

You know how Indian culture functions. After a certain age, a woman is expected to settle down for some reason. When asked Madhu Chopra about it, she said, “Whom she [Priyanka] wants to marry is more important, ” she said when asked when Priyanka will get married. “I think girls have that right that they pick their life partner for themselves. And also take the responsibility of that decision, for better and for worse.” How unimaginably sweet!


Further when she was quizzed if she has picked a guy for Priyanka, the answer she gave tells us what gives Priyanka the confidence to lead the life her way. “I don’t see anyone worthy of her. No one so far!” she said with a radiant smile. If only every daughter had an awesome mom like Dr Madhu.

Since a long time Dr Madhu has maintained that she is no hurry to get her daughter married. In an interview with a news daily, she had said, “Today, I see many marriages are falling apart. People don’t have the tolerance to give each other and their relationship so much time and to see it nurture. So when Priyanka reaches that stage when she has the time to nurture her relationship and give it the attention it needs and demands, she will get married. It’s not like you have reached a certain age and now it is time to get married. That’s a wrong basis for marriage.”

5 love affairs of Priyanka Chopra

Our Piggy Chops has made it big on the big screen in Bollywood and Hollywood since her arrival in B-Town after her crowning as Miss World in 2000.

On the way to super stardom, the sizzling Priyanka Chopra has broken many hearts as she has had many love affairs.

Here are the five lucky men with whom she had intimate affairs:

priyanka with aseem

1: Aseem Merchant: Aseem Merchant was Priyanka Chopra’s first boyfriend when she started modelling. She ditched him after becoming the Miss World in the year 2000. Now Aseem seems to be having his revenge as he anounced to make Priyanka’s bio-pic titled 67 Days.

67 Days is actually about Priyanka’s former secretary and business manager Prakash Jaju’s experiences with Priyanka and her late father. Juju spent 67 days in jail for allegedly threatening Priyanka.

Priyanka has tried to stop the film by sending legal notices to Aseem, but he going ahead with it.


Priyanka with Akshay

2: Akshay Kumar: Priyanka allegedly got intimate with Akshay when the two did films such as “Andaaz”, “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi”, “Aitraaz” and “Waqt: Race against time” together. But Akshay’s wife Twinkle got wind of it and reportedly warned him that enough is enough. Now Akshay and Priyanka avoid each other at public functions.

Priyanka with Harman.

3: Harman Baweja: Priyanka was Harman Baweja’s ladylove for five years. They started drifting apart when their film Love Story 2050 flopped. There were rumours that Shahid Kapoor was the cause of Priyanka’s split from Harman.

Priyanka with Shahrukh

4: Shahrukh Khan: Who won’t fall for the King Khan? Priyanka’s alleged affair with Shahrukh Khan became the biggest topic in Bollywood. Shahrukh’s wife Gauri, who was once close to Priyanka, threw her out of her circle and reportedly warned Shahrukh against ever working with her.

Priyanka and Shahid

5: Shahid Kapoor: When IT officials raided Priyanka’s place, Shahid Kapoor reportedly opened the door of her apartment. The talk of their alleged affair spread like a wildfire. But Shahid Kapoor, who split with Kareena after years of relationship, kept his alleged affair with Priyanka a secret. Priyanka also never admitted it until recently when she said on Koffee with Karan that she indeed was once Shahid’s girlfriend.

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Priyanka Chopra's mother talks about her daughter's marriage plans
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