Are you stressed about being stressed? Well, the same stress is making you sick! Studies have shown that stress invites a never-ending list of diseases.

Being stuck in bad traffic, waiting for someone who’s late, running late for an event, relationship problems, unsure of oneself at a social event and seeing the time pass by….. The pain from traveling daily, the stress of buying gifts for loved ones, the guilt of eating more, self-doubt all of these things we experience daily ticks your hypothalamus. It’s like a control tower of our brain, and in stress, it decides to send pass the message to our body ‘send the stress hormones’.

When these hormones are triggered, they race the heartbeat, quicken our breath and make our body ready for any kind of action. It’s actually a defense mechanism of our body, designed to be triggered in an emergency for the person to react quickly. But when the stress hormones keep triggering very frequently it puts our body at some serious health risks.

Stress is our body’s natural response to certain life situations and it’s healthy as it helps us cope up with it. The problem starts when the stress hormones don’t stop triggering. We’ll focus on some common problems we face due to stress. The problems caused due to it is really a long list –

1.The cold that won’t go away!tumblr_lqaouu1dKP1qeeqito1_500

Have you ever experienced that just when the shit hits the fan or prior to an important event you fall sick? Well, it’s because under a lot of stress your body’s immune system becomes weak and when your body catches a cold virus, it can’t fight it and has to let it complete its course.

2. Upset stomach.Problems caused due to stress!

Our brain is connected to our belly by a pathway of hormones and neurons. When in an intense situation our emotions trigger the neurotransmitters causing our intestines to contract or slow down. Extreme stress can also trigger the stomach acid to react and the result is heartburn.

3. Sore Muscles.Problems caused due to stress!

The reflex action of our body when it senses danger is tightening of muscles. This causes pain in them. It makes the posture go uneven and hence cause joint pains.

4. Brittle nails.Problems caused due to stress!

When the body is emotionally drained it loses its focus and makes some people chew their nails. It’s said to do be gone beyond the nails and unknowingly chew the cuticles too. Well then the dream of dreamy nails would seriously be a dream and no manicure in the world can save it.

There is a whole list of problems that stress can cause like – depression, anxiety, aging, diabetes, cancer, hyper tension, irregular menstrual cycle, etc and even early death. We will be focusing on one problem at a time, so watch this space for more updates.

The solution is very simple, 6-7 hours of sleep, yoga, meditation, work out that brings you peace, clean eating and doing anything that brings you peace of mind.

There is also a product that we have come across that might help – Siddham: Antidote to Stress that has been known to get the desired results.