As Rajinikanth fans say, it’s Baasha day today! The buzz around the re-release of this movie has been crazy but we aren’t surprised one wee bit, after all it’s a Thalaiva starrer. But it’s not just any Thalaiva starrer, it’s a movie that changed Rajinikanth’s career once and for all.

It introduced us to Rajinikanth’s defining style and attitude. In this movie, his portrayal of a humble auto driver who happened to be an under cover gangster was inspiring and original. According to a report in Firstpost, a did hard fan who manages a Rajinikanth Facebook page along with other fans have organised a special screening where at least 100 auto drivers are expected to attend.


It’s no secret that all auto drivers of Tamil Nadu consider him god, more so because he played a relatable character. As the movie’s re-lease witnesses a huge opening all over TN, here’s some info for those, who are going to watch it for the very first time.

#The movie first released in 1995, it starred  Nagma along with  Raghuvaran, Janagaraj and Vijayakumar in supporting roles. The story is about an auto driver who refuses resort to violent means until his sister gets attacked. That’s when his past life as a gangster surfaces and unfolds before us.

#The entire film is based on an uncut scene from the Hindi movie Hum that was not part of the movie, but it was Rajinikanth who realised the potential of  the scene, and though it could develop into a full fledged script. The scene was about Govinda trying to get a seat in the Police Academy, and eventually gets one with the help of his brother played by Amitabh Bachchan) Even in this movie, Rajinikanth helps his sister gain admission in a medical college she had applied to.

#Earlier Rajinikanth character was essayed to be a bus conductor but they eventually made him an auto driver.

#When Rajinikanth shot the famous dialogue from the movie – Naan oru vaatti sonna, nooru vaatti sonna madhiri. (If I say something even once, it’s as though I’ve said it a hundred times) it had such an impact that reportedly everyone on the sets started to use. The dialogue has been used five times in the movie.

#This movie is one of Rajinikanth’s biggest hits and will always be one of his top movies. Unfortunately, there are no plans of sequel as of now.

So, let’s enjoy the digitised version today.

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Rajinikanth's hit movie Baasha re-releases today after 22 years
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