A lot of people have often called Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone the new age Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol because of their striking chemistry. Although it was reported that Tamasha would be their last project together (at least till 2018), that’s going to change! They’ll be coming together sooner than you think and no, it’s not for Imtiaz Ali’s play but for an ad shoot. Turns out RK Jr is the brand ambassador of a cell phone company and for an ad campaign of the same, the company is trying to rope in Deepika. And the collaboration will happen soon as both the actors are super caught up with their packed schedules!

While Ranbir is caught up with Dutt biopic and has to wrap up a few scenes for Jagga Jasoos, Deepika’s schedule for Padmavati will soon begin. With their prior commitments, trying to squeeze another project in their packed calendar might not be wise. Hence, the brand has decided to get a heads up from DP soon on whether she is onboard with the project and for them to find an apt helmer for the ad. An insider told Mid-day, “The shoot is likely to take place next month before Rk and Dippy get busy with their respective films. It shouldn’t take more than two days.” Well, that’s reaffirming that we’ll get to see the gorgeous couple onscreen soon. We’ve all have been big fans of the jodi. The ex-flames are extremely professional as they post-breakup too, they’ve worked on two projects together. If everything works out fine, this might be their third venture.+

The main reason behind the brand trying to get Deepika onboard is because of the striking chemistry the two actors share. According to this concept that they want to implement in their campaign, they want the audience to see more of their magical chemistry. Apart from putting everything in place, the brand is also looking for a noted filmmaker to shoot the ad for them. We sure are lucky that we’ll get to see the ex flames sizzle up onscreen yet again. Are you folks just excited as we are? You can tell us in the comments box below.