Rangoon is not going to be a happy watch going by the depression factor in most of the recent songs. Of course, Vishal Bharadwaj isn’t known for making bubble gum movies with happy endings. The only ‘happy’ movies that he had made were Makdee, The Blue Umbrella, Kaminey and Matru Ki Bijlee K Mandola, so you can guess the talented director/music composer Vishal Bhardwaj has a spade to pick with that feeling called happiness.

His upcoming movie Rangoon, a love triangle set against the backdrop of World War II is never going to have a happy ending and we have got enough hints from the trailer itself. Now with the latest song that’s called Alvida, things get more depressing from here on.


The song is about the trying circumstances that Shahid Kapoor‘s Nawab Malik and Kangana Ranaut’s Julia find their love story in. Nawab Malik, especially, has the toughest luck as not only is there a chance that he might not end up with the girl he loves, he also gets beaten by his own army men.

Then there is Saif Ali Khan’s character, Julia’s fiance, who deduces something is going on between Nawab and Julia and therefore becomes more aggressive towards both of them.

Here’s the video of the song…

Alvida has lyrics from Gulzar and sung by the non-fatigable Arijit Singh. Rangoon boasts of more than ten songs, making music a very important part of the movie.

Rangoon is scheduled to release on February 24. It will be the first Bollywood movie to be set against the backdrop of World War II. Kangana Ranaut’s Julia is said to be based on real-life actress in the’40s, Fearless Nadia.

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Rangoon song Alvida: Shahid Kapoor's Nawab Malik and Kangana Ranaut's Julia find their love story in
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