While the pictures of Taimur Ali Khan and Misha Kapoor, who are much younger than Adira Chopra are on social media and in newspapers, there are no pictures of Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra’s daughter. No one knows what she looks like. Last month, a photograph of Adira was clicked by a pap, outside Rani’s house and the entire might of Yash Raj Films got into action and ensured that the picture did not appear anywhere.

Ask Rani about the extreme secrecy around her daughter and she says, “I don’t mind Adira’s pictures coming out, but I don’t think her father is very comfortable with it. Adi and I are a unit and I have to respect his wishes. I am a public figure, I know Adira is going to be clicked and people would want to see how she looks and I don’t have issues with it at all. I would love to choose a picture of Adira’s and give it out for my fans and other people who want to see her. I am sure Adi will be ready in time. I think he feels it’s too early now. I told him, ‘You have to kind of accept that her picture will get clicked and printed some day because unfortunately you are married to an actor.’”

Given how fiercely he guards his privacy, it must have been disturbing for Aditya Chopra on two levels when the pap got the prized shot, because it was Adira and him. She nods, “I got saved because that picture was not clicked with me. Adi was taking Adira for a walk when it happened. I keep telling him, ‘Thank God it was not me with Adira, otherwise you would have killed me.’ That was a big relief for me that the first picture that went was through Adi and not me. Everybody in my house was relieved the episode had not happened with them.” (ALSO READ: Rani Mukerji: When Adira is 18, I want her to tell me, I loved how you balanced life)

She continues, “I respect my husband’s privacy and I tell him, ‘You are protecting and guarding her, but for how long?’ She is going to go to school or a birthday party and she is going to get clicked. For me, it is about respecting his decision till the time he feels comfortable. At the end of the day, he married an actor, so…. He keeps saying,’God has cursed me by getting me married to you because I wanted to be a recluse and stay away from media glare’.”

For now, both father and daughter are staying out of the limelight. And that’s that.