There are many movies in Bollywood which are announced and then canned. There are many reasons for that. We will soon bring a list of all those movies which were announced but never actually saw the light of the day. But presently we are talking about one film that had got us all excited only to disappoint later. Karan Johar‘s Shhuddhi was a film we were all rooting for because it would have been a big budget bonanza. But it got shelved and now we found out three reasons which might have led to the same…

Budget woes

If you remember, we were the first ones to tell you that it was a reincarnation story. Considering that, the budget was going on the higher side, thus making everyone uncomfortable. With the way big budget movies are doing presently, it isn’t surprising for the makers to decide to not mount yet another expensive film like Shhuddhi.

Khan issues

After Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor walked out of the film, Karan persuaded Salman Khan to be part of the film. The announcement took everyone by surprise as we weren’t expecting it at all. It also made us happy. Karan had tweeted about it saying, “#SHHUDDHI will star SALMAN KHAN and will release Diwali 2016…..@shhuddhimovie.” But later, Salman, too, walked out of it. Now we hear Salman’s fee was the deterrent here. The film anyway had a heavy budget and the actor’s exorbitant remuneration added to the woes. Later Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt’s names were announced for the film. We wonder if that’s the reason behind Salman leaving the film.

The Magadheera connect

You might all be aware that there was a time when Karan wanted to remake S S Rajamouli’s Magadheera with Shahid Kapoor in the lead. That project fell apart unceremoniously. Later Karan announced Shhuddhi. Magadheera, too, was a reincarnation story and that made S S Rajamouli very sceptical about the film. They were anyway collaborating for Baahubali then and the director apparently voiced his reservations to Karan.

Well, it really pains to see such a film get the boot but after figuring the reasons, we feel it is better off being shelved. A film which has already seen so much controversy at the start, should be left alone, we feel.