Oh no! Saif Ali Khan‘s photoshoot pic from Kal Ho Na Ho has been misused, leading a UK-based woman to fall for this cyber crime. Time and again, pictures of celebs have often been misused by people on social media. Sadly, there is no solution to this problem.

The latest celeb whose name has been linked to this is Rangoon star, Saif. His picture was used by a person going by the name of Antony Ray, who fooled 44-year old Anna Rowe on Tinder. She was actually under an impression that it was Saif, with whom she fell in love with.


However, truth does find it’s way and that happened on this case as well. So Rowe and Roy were dating for about 14 months after which, due to several suspicious instances, the mother of two decided to go to the depths of the person’s identity and was shocked to find out that she had been fooled.

According to Dailymail, “After 14 months of virtually dating, the woman hired a private investigator only to find that Antony was a married man with children.” Damn! It’s a terrible thing to use a celebrity’s pic and claim it as your own profile pic and what’s worse is fooling someone with the same!

Of course, initially when we read this piece of information, we were a little taken aback. Now the female who is the victim in this case has appealed for catfishing to be made illegal. The term catfish is generally used as a phenomenon when an individual makes fake profiles and identities on social media.

As Ray looked a lot like Saif, he used the actor’s pics on Tinder as his profile picture and convinced Rowe that it was him. But not just the profile pic but the backstory of the man was also a lie. “I was heartbroken, but I was also scared. I wondered if anything he told me true,” said Anna to Dailymail. Their relationship was pretty serious with her giving her cues to get married and calling her Mrs Ray!

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Saif Ali Khan’s picture misused on Tinder!
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