Remember the time when all people could talk about is Salman Khan‘s fondness for Amy Jackson? People were even busy speculating a romantic link between the two. Now we wouldn’t have mind this closeness between the two because together they look adorable.

In fact, when Salman sang Tu hi to mera dost hai to Amy at the an event, we were floored by their chemistry. Later we thought he may cast her in one of his upcoming films. Well, we don’t know about that but we did see Amy and Salman have a gala time together during a shoot!

Yes, we did! Amy Jackson shared a picture of them together looking absolutely charming. Both are laughing gleefully and we can’t stop staring at them. There is so much comfort and warmth between the two. We wonder why didn’t they have a relationship. They would make for a such a good looking couple. In fact, when Salman landed at 2.0’s event unannounced we were hoping it was for Amy but turned out he just wanted to meet Rajnikanth.


Whatever may be the reason behind they wanting to stay friends, we are fine as long as such pictures become public. If you think we are exaggerating too much, check out the image that Amy has posted on her Twitter. Oh BTW, this was for a shoot that they did for Salman’s Being Human.

When Amy was asked if she is dating Salman, she had said, “Which girl wouldn’t want to date Salman Khan, but I am totally single”. Salman had offered Amy to play a lead in his super hit film Kick, but she didn’t accept the offer. Amy , “Unfortunately, Kick didn’t happen because it was a very long process for I(Amy’s South film).

But I don’t regret coz it transformed me as an actress. That actually prepared me for Bollywood now and I feel more subtle and confident now. I would love to work with Salman; he’s a legend in himself.” Hope that happens soon!

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Salman Khan and Amy Jackson were spotted together
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