Salman Khan‘s Tubelight is the next Eid fest that everyone in this country is waiting for. Bollywood waits for his film to release with bated breath so that it can earn insane amount of money and keep the industry afloat. Tubelight will be no exception at all.

And after shooting in Leh, Manali and Mumbai, Salman Khan’s film has finally wrapped up. Kabir Khan took to Instagram to announce this saying, “It’s a WRAP!! My team that makes my films happen… Karishma,Baloo,Prarthana, Prachi,Moin,Archit,Manish, Zoya, Krish,Rahul,Ram,Ali #tubelight  #eid2017.”



Interestingly, the image has people from Kabir’s team. There’s no sign of Salman Khan in it. There have been reports of major fallout between Kabir and Salman.

The actor it seems wanted to know every minute detail about the scene he was supposed to shoot. In fact, we were also the first ones to tell you that Salman was so displeased with the climax of the film that he had asked Kabir Khan to create Manali in Mumbai so that he can reshoot it completely. All these reports were making us wonder if the film will eventually get made or not. But thankfully, Tubelight has wrapped up its shooting schedule and now the wait is to check out the first look of the film.

Another thing that makes it even more interesting is the cameo of Shah Rukh Khan in it. We told you first that the Raees actor has a cameo in the film. We also revealed to you that he plays a magician in the film. That has made Tubelight even more interesting. Plus, it has Chinese actors alongside Salman Khan and others which also makes it alluring. Can Eid come early this year?

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Salman Khan's film Tubelight has wrapped up
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