There is a major spoiler for all you Game Of Thrones that is just going to make you hate George R.R. Martin even more. If you’re wondering who is the next character to die in the show and have been placing your bets on Peter Baelish, two of Daenerys’ dragons or one of the Lannisters, let us break the news to you that the next target is Sansa Stark! Angry, sad, upset? We totally understand. Her character was just developing in the show and she became an instant favourite after she killed Bolton but sadly we will only get to see her in the upcoming season.

At the Southwest Film Festival recently, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were seen discussing the upcoming season of the show where Williams announced that Sansa may not be a part of the next season. When asked about why Turner was sporting her blonde hair instead of the red locks, Williams replied,” She’s dead.” A Twitter page called A Storm Of Spoilers posted this on their page leaving all fans stunned and upset. The social media profile said that a moment went by until producer Benioff said, “Don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone.” Now Williams is known to blurt out spoilers of the show unknowingly. (ALSO READ: Game of Thrones gave financial independence to actor Conleth Hill)

Who do you think will die in the upcoming season? And who do you think will qualify to sit on the Iron Throne? Post your thoughts in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.