Tamma Tamma Again, since the day it was released has been topping the charts. Unlike other rehashed songs in the past, this one has been well received mainly because it was a sort of tribute to the original and the makers retained the original voices behind the track.

Days leading to the release of the song saw Madhuri Dixit as well as Sanjay Dutt (the original song was featured on them), promoting it and sending their wishes for Varun and Alia. Almost everyone associated to the song, be it composer Bappi Lahiri, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit were called but not the ace choreographer and one of the major reason what made the song classic it is today; Saroj Khan.


When DNA contacted Saroj Khan about why she wasn’t present to even watch the song, while Madhuri was called, she said, “Why should they call me? They don’t owe me anything?”

“Maybe they felt since my assistant Madhuri Dixit was there, they didn’t need me around,” Saroj Khan said sarcastically, and added, “You have to ask them why I wasn’t invited. I don’t mind not being invited….The new version of any of my dance numbers have to be of some standard for them to invite me to watch it.” A

When she was asked about her views on the new Tamma Tamma, she diplomatically said. “I haven’t seen the whole song. I’ve just seen the trailer. And I can’t comment.” Saroj Khan admits she isn’t doing much choreography these days. “I worked hard because I needed to look after my children. Now my children don’t want me to work. They want me to rest at home. I am happy doing that.”

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Saroj Khan not happy with Tamma Tamma Again
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