Sayani Gupta is slowly, but steadily making her presence felt in Bollywood. She was last seen delivering a strong performance in a small role in Jolly LLB 2. And the details of her next project are going to excite you. The actress will, reportedly, play the role of a 14 year old in Jagga Jasoos.  Yep! You read that right. In a statement released by her team, and as per reports on a leading daily, she will essay the role of Ranbir Kapoor’s friend in the comedy film.

 When asked about it, Sayani said, “It’s the best casting of my life. I love dada (Anurag Basu) to have had the imagination to see me as a little girl who is all of 14 years. I loved his audition process as well, it was so simple. He is quite a genius and this character will always be very close to my heart. People who have seen me in the look can’t believe that I am not a teen.” We wonder if some CGI is going to be used on her to make her look like a 14 year old as well, or she managed to do that with just her young face and good make-up. We will have our answers when Jagga Jasoos will release.

Further talking about her audition Sayani said, “Haha.. I remember I had cut my hair and went for the audition and dada was quite surprised because actors don’t do these things before they have gotten the part.” That is some serious dedication for this role. Let us also not forget that we are also going to see Ranbir Kapoor play a school going boy in this film for a few sequences. The movie tells his character’s journey from teenage to adulthood.

“And once I went on set on the first day of shoot, and we were deciding the look for the character, I insisted that I should cut my hair in this little bob. Ajay, Ranbir’s hair stylist was all excited to chop my locks, but Dada wasn’t convinced at first but I had the look so vivid in my mind, that after a while with Ranbir’s help, I finally managed to convince dada. He was super happy with the look. And then I just got stuck in this short hair look for over two years now. And I love it.” Sayani further added.

Hair chopping has been quite a thing on the sets of Jagga Jasoos. Just a few days ago we saw a video of Katrina Kaif giving Anurag Basu a haircut, and it was reported that the filmmaker has a habit of pranking his crew by forcibly chopping off their hair. We hope all this hair chopping pays off well in the end.

Jagga Jasoos has been developmental hell ever since it was announced. It has been almost four years since the movie kick started its production, and the patch work is still going on. A news like this, where an adult is playing a 14 year old might help the movie in keeping the buzz alive.

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Sayani Gupta will play Ranbir Kapoor's 14 year old friend
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