Shah Rukh Khan launched Karan Johar's memoir, An Unsuitable Boy
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Karan Johar’s memoir, An Unsuitable Boy, was launched yesterday and it was done so by none other than best friend Shah Rukh Khan. The event was, in one word, grand! Although there wasn’t a media interaction allowed, writer Shobha De, took to the stage to hold a Q&A round where a lot of questions about the revelations made by KJo were asked. The filmmaker openly answered all the questions darted towards him without any guard held up. He was like a open book, ironically.

There were some cute anecdotes shared between him and Shobha as they spoke about the book and more. However, it was after SRK’s presence at the podium and the things he spoke that Johar was left overwhelmed. Khan didn’t agree with the title given to the book as he doesn’t believe Karan is An Unsuitable Boy. He did give a few suggestions like the filmmaker was a Brave Boy.

In his speech, the 51 year old called Karan a Beautiful Boy, “Karan’s is an extremely beautiful and important life. Why ‘An Unsuitable Boy’? His autobiography could have have been titled ‘The Good Boy’. His parents would vouch for that. It could also be called ‘The Intelligent Boy’. Not in terms of Wikipedia knowledge, but Karan has the gift of knowing people inside out. It is very tough to keep up with me so I can say he is one of the best conversationalists (I have come across). His book could even have been titled ‘The Sensitive Boy’ — even I am very sensitive, so I know!”


“It could have been called ‘The Brave Boy’,” SRK continued. “He will remain the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my life. After 25 years of work, and at 51 years of age, I feel I have truly arrived because there is a full chapter dedicated to me in his book.” He concluded his speech by stating, “I used to feel I have arrived if I will win a few awards. I will feel that I have arrived, when I sign with a certain director, and so on. But I feel that I have truly made it in Bollywood, because my family has an entire chapter in the book.”

This left the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil director in an emotional place. Just after the actor finished his speech, KJo quickly went to him and gave him a tight embrace. Of course, we as guests were highly touched by this gesture as the filmmaker’s face was flustered with emotions over the things said by his best friend. Even in the pics, you can see how the actor left Karan so emotional that yes, we completely agree that he should be called the Sensitive Boy. The event was a close friends affair as most of the Dharma peeps were present for the same. In fact, the launch also had Sidharth Malhotra, who celebrated his 32nd birthday. After a long time we also saw Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh come together for an event.

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